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Bellami Hair Extensions



All extension services require a thorough, in person consultation. At the kolor lab, i offer 4 different methods of extensions to best suit all of your hair needs. During your consultation, i will be able to perform a thorough analysis of your hair, as well as talk with you to get an idea of your lifestyle, hair history, and goal. i will be able to then give my expert opinion on how to help you reach your goal. Extension consultations are 30 minutes and $20. 


Your extension consultation includes the following:

  • Thorough analysis of scalp and hair

  • Selection of the best extension method for your individual hair type

  • Selection of desired or best length for your hair (based on current hair length, height, and method)

  • Customized color matching of your extensions. This may include the selection of the best shades from the 40 color selection I have, as well as the discussion of any custom coloring that may need to be performed on the extensions or your own hair

  • Education on how to maintain your extensions at home, provided via email or hard copy as requested. This includes washing, styling, sleeping, vacation/swimming, and product education to ensure the best and longest experience with your new extensions.

  • Education on the importance of proper in salon maintenance

  • An accurate quote of your extension services (both your initial application service as well as maintenance appointments).

  • Education on how to prepare for your installation.

  • A service deposit of 50% in order to reserve installation appointment. If you are a model then 100% for hair is due upon scheduling your appointment.


Once we have consulted, i will be able to provide you with a price quote for your service. All extension services are priced based on what is required for your individual hair.


Your initial pricing will include:

  • Pricing of your extension hair as well as supplies required for the selected extension method.  Pricing will vary depending on method, length, amount of hair, and texture (straight or wavy) required to achieve your look.

  • Application of your extensions. Application costs are fixed based on the method and amount of hair being installed.

  • Required follow up appointment. After your extension installation, I will set up a follow up appointment 1-2 weeks from the installation date. This service will include a wash, blowout, and style and will allow you and i to reconnect to ensure comfort in adjusting to your new extensions.

  • Custom cutting and blending. All extensions require custom blending and trimming after installation to ensure your extensions will perfectly blend no matter how you wear your hair.

  • Styling. i will finish your service with a style of your choice (straight, curly, or wavy) as well as with tips and tricks on the best ways to curl, flat iron, blow dry, or style to your desire.

  • Boar Bristle Extension Brush. You will be provided with an extension brush specifically designed to maintain your hair as well as your extensions at home. i will show you the proper ways to brush and care for your hair.

  • Shipping (if necessary). If expedited shipping is required for installation, a $60 shipping fee will be added to your 50% deposit the day of booking.


Extension price quoting is valid for 30 days. After a 30 day quote has expired, you may be required to book another consultation to receive a new and accurate quote. This consultation will be 30 minutes and will cost $20.


Upon consulting and desire to move forward, a 50% deposit will be required in order to reserve your installation appointment. Your 50% deposit will be of the entire service (excluding color services of natural hair) and will be NONREFUNDABLE. Deposit is required for every installation of new hair. If you choose to cancel your service after you have made your deposit, you will have 30 days to rebook your installation. After 30 days, all hair and supplies will become salon property and a new deposit will be required to move forward with any future extension installation services.

Maintenance Appointments

After extension installation, in salon maintenance appointments will be required every 4-8 weeks. During your consultation, your stylist will educate you on your specific installation timeframe and pricing. Maintenance appointment frequency will depend on extension method, natural hair density, natural shed pattern, washing frequency, and lifestyle. If maintenance appointments do not occur during the suggested timeframe, additional fees may apply. Maintenance appointments are vital in maintaining the integrity of both natural and extension hair. Should you want to book after your suggested timeframe, your stylist may require photos of the extension attachments in order to book the appropriate amount of time.


How to prepare for Maintenance Appointments

Maintenance appointments do require client preparation in order to be performed properly. To properly prepare for your appointments, make sure to follow these guidelines:

  • Arrive with clean and dry hair. If hair is not properly washed and dried, it will cause complication and difficulty in the move up, removal, or reinstallation of extensions. If hair is not the appropriate condition, you may be required to receive an extension blowout (+$40), or may be asked to rebook for a different day due to timing restraints.

  • Arrive with hair freshly brushed. Hair with mattes and tangles requiring extra time may be charged for detangling fees

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