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All prices stated are minimum starting prices. Extra charges may apply for length, density, extra product used or time spent on the services.

extension prices are averages for service price only. the price listed does not include hair. a consultation is required.


The Treatments

the basic treatment  15

the glam treatment  40

the luxury treatment  65

Haircut & Style Babes

the signature cut   33

The blowout babe   21

The smooth or beach wave babe   18


Color Babes

the full session  195

the partial session  163


the gloss babe   80

the mom gone mom-babe   105+66/hr

Extension Babes

average install prices based on 3-4 packs of hair

the Bellami experience   20


the weft babe   350

the weft babe move-up   100

the weft babe re-glam   350

the I-tip babe   450

the I-tip babe move-up   200

the I-tip babe re-glam   320

the tape-in babe   400

the tape-in babe re-glam   600

the k-tip babe   600

the extension de-glam   100

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